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This is a tour Via the Alta Vista listing of sites of interest with the Words Armor Piercing in them Minus a whole bunch of gaming specific Sites which may not be of interest to a large number of Surfers. The Original was an e-mail Message to a group of Friends, If a Link does not work let me know so I can test it. Many times servers go down for a day or two then come back online. If it stays a broken link I will annotate it., then remove after further testing.

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Found this while looking for AP Shot photos on the web  Site was slow to load at 26400 but looks like it is our type of place. Their posting of Armor Piercing is at .

 Also found Steve Jackson Games current hideout at


Next a truly interesting product line Light Transparent Armor from PPG SecuriTect Glass at  Some nice looking products. You might consider looking into this line further if the Russian collapse spreads.

Next their was a Page on The Armor Piercing Bullets Debate at

There are some links for you to check out for the 2nd amendment fight. Which is Ongoing See for reference Georgia HB 59 1995-1996 at
 Does not look like it passed. Titled Frogs 'n' Snails 'n' Armor-Piercing Shells.

Frogs 'n' Snails 'n' Armor-Piercing Shells was down Sounds interesting see Summary below. Sounds like one of those Piers Anthony serials.

"More Backstory on Deadpool! When last we left our hero, he had just recovered from death (really!) and was now seeking the death of Ajax, a loose end from."


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Then  with a whole bunch of interesting possibilities.

An Ammo Supply source popped up next  


has some interesting goodies such as


Fin Stabilized Steel Darts 1 lb 10 lbs

1 1/2 " from 105 beehive rounds - pristine - no rust $7 $50

1" from 90mm recoilless rifle - pristine - no rust $7 $50

Perfect for the Halloween trick or treat bag for Millennium Preparation. Lots of other good ammo items listed.

New Addition 24, Nov 2004

Internet Shooting Directory

 A wealth of info for the firearms enthusiast!
Home of Gun Chat.

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A useful Site of Military And Technical Acronyms For The '90s - was found next at

   Posted by the folks at RAINBOW RANCH  They have five pages of really worth while links well worth visiting and being aware of.

A Brief History of .50 Browning Machine Gun Cartridge Development

showed up next from the folks at the

Fifty Caliber Shooter's Association (FCSA)

at  a complete resource for true major caliber shooters.

This SF Site showed up  some interesting weapons ideas among the very hard to build goodies.

Also this strange internal none referenced site   animi related it seems.

Another acronyms page showed up for Marine and Navy air units  from   Looks like whoever put it up knows What is What in the Ordnance Business: A Massive Resource.

The Ordnance Shop Bulletin Board in the Main Site might be worth watching for a feel for the current level of training in the fleet. I get the sense from a quick look that corporate memory of what has been done in the past has completely broken down.

A (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions Page For The National Firearms act showed up at

A part of the Russian mud Sloggers favorite support page .

Detroit Bullet traps new owner  Worth a look a lot of items we all have used at some time.

Another legal resource page  part of collection of Federal law at  which is part of  at  a good set of legal resources for us to use.


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Primex medium caliber page 40MM AGL HIGH VELOCITY CANISTER CARTRIDGE is a new item of interest. Check out their home page at  if it's bad for the other guy down range these folks are making it for us to use.

On a Lighter note some people think movies are real life check this one out.  part of  built by someone we may want to meet I wonder what his major is. Computer science figures.

Skipped a bunch of gaming support sites to this site  part of his pages at  He has done a pretty good job assembly a whole bunch of information.

This took some work to get to but is Worth While Looking At. This site is a Treasure Trove of period information and current resources on the Spanish American war.

Lost on the Web Again April 2002
I have been Looking around for the site
He has had Server / Hosting Problems before.




If anyone locates any site with Information on this ship Let me Know




Here are some current July 2008  links

A Pre-dreadnought battleship site

None of these links have the depth of information on the Spanish American War that the original site had but are useful starting points for any US Navy ships of interest.

A page on one of our favorite weapons from World War One up to Vietnam The BAR

it is part of another massive resource site worth looking at  explosive law posted by  a Lawyers resource site.

Industrial Operations Command of the United States Army.  part of

A Major resource site with all public domain information.

A Really Cool page on
The GAU-8A 30mm Gun system for the A-10 Warthog Part of
The A10 homepage

A Science Fiction Site about potential future weapons from some gaming system  it is the

Revised and Expanded Missile & Bomb Tables

Or: The Net-Book of Ordnance and General Destruction looks interesting

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My My My what have we found here. Looks like the Full Ships Manual on line.   German Air Force resources (Luftwaffe Resource page ) A Major Resource site  Ken's RPG Page a Role Playing Game Source as is the next one Ultimate Equipment Systems Arms Page  The 24th Dimension A gaming and Model Company from first looks   Colonial Marine Corps are Alien Bait Check it out These folks think that all those movies were for real. Build your own Weather home page here

Picatinny Arsenal's
Organizational Web pages.

Contact info: Picatinny Webmaster Team via there home page below  Picatinny Arsenal Home Page Home of Army Firepower   Army Fuze Management Office  Battlelabs  Defense Ammunition Logistics Activity  Engineering Support Directorate   Explosive Ordnance Disposal   Fire Support Armaments Center  Industrial Ecology Center   Information Research Center   Logistics Support Engineering Division  Pictatinny Garrison  Program Manager Crusader New Self Propelled 155mm Howitzer  Program Manager Small Arms  Directorate Public Safety &Environmental Affairs for Public Works  Packaging  Security Division  Standardization Group (Branch)  Complete acronym list for US Military 1.17 MB File carefully wait until it is fully loaded as a Web page and use "SAVE AS" to save it as a text file. Cut and paste will not work. I have 160 MB of SDRAM and this one will still lock my machine up. I tried three times until I got the right trick. As a Formated Word document with 10 pt font it takes 401 + pages. When I have it open in Word 97 it takes 1013 screens. Enough said, this is the master list and includes numerous URL's Starting after Zulu on page 390.

That's a Whole lot of access to how your tax dollars are being spent. Found the search Engine which accesses this File. See Below!
The Picatinny Arsenal Search Engine  Short Acronym List  Still Another Short List of Acronyms   Rebel Programmers Society RPS Home Page Of Death  David Crowe's All-Purpose Final Battle Home Page  Hitach Industries Ammo Source and Other goodies  Palladium Gaming page  Project 50/50 -/- The War Wagon a subset of Next Link  GUNNERY NETWORK A Stenhammar-Viking Web Production  The Commanders Hatch  Realms Real Life RPG Support pages   Police and Military Sniper Support Site  Satellite Tool Kit, Software Tools to Design Satellite Orbits  Navy Anti Missile Burp Gun CIWS RAYTHEON - PHALANX CIWS (CLOSE-IN WEAPON SYSTEM)  Naval Technology Magazine  Raytheon Home Page Makers of Nasty Toys  A Real Treat Can Be Found Here  The History of Fort Tilden located on the Rockaway Peninsula in the Borough of Queens in New York City. Links into WWII Web Ring And Fortress Web Ring. Has information on Coastal Artillery and later Defense Systems.  Wiggy's Wide World of Stuff Good Stuff on Modern US Mechanized Infantry Company Equipment.  Texas Armoring Corporation... a Leading World supplier of armored vehicles. Your life is valuable, protect it.  Army Manuals Listed in the Bibliography of Scientific and Technical Reports 1946-1949  The Obligatory Home Page of John Xavier Crimmins Some Gaming material and a board game set up for beginners.  Cascade Ammunition 22 Ammo Anyone  Dan's Massive History and Link Complex a Must see Site  Welcome to Armored Vehicles by International Armoring Corporation®   Zeus-Sparta , Inc. Home Page ZEUSis a Laser and Beam pointing system self-contained on an uparmored HMMWV. Designed to remove explosive threats from Battlefield after area is secured.  Top-quality laminated glass is our specialty at Laminated Glass Corporation (LGC). We began supplying laminated glass to the automotive industry in Detroit over forty years ago, and we've been producing laminated architectural glass for the building industry since the 1970's.   The Ship Modeling Site See the Archive section for some really nice historical information and Photos.
Office of the Special Assistant
for Gulf War Illnesses
DU AP Ammo Concerns


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