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Julius Caesar Act iii Sc. 1 by William Shakespeare
Remember what Followed...

Read My Nine Poems using the Links above and between the Poems themselves.
They were written between 22, Jan 2001 and 3, Feb 2001
During a period of intense dreaming preceding the events of
Sarge the Poet

After reading these Nine Poems look up this book.
Buy or borrow a Copy.
Read it Carefully.

 Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae
Order from Click Here
The Turning Point of Western Civilization
Learn What Abattoir Really Means

Then sit down, really think hard and understand what being a citizen rather than a subject really Means.

New 2, July 2004

A Marines Promise

An Open Letter to Al-Qa'ida

And My Response

Cold Rage


A Good Friend
Michael  Z. Williamson
Has written an Excellent Novel

Which I have Read Several times Now From the First Draft Edition to the Finished Work From Baen
It is as good as the "Gates of Fire"
It was Published in January of 2004
by Baen Books

Now In Second Edition Sorry

Buy It, Read It
It Is An All Niter Special.

Also Visit Mikes Two Web Sites

Home of His
Cloak & Dagger Store

His Writing Related Site

Cloak And Dagger 2

An Ad Page I Maintain for Mike.

For More Information on his Current and Forthcoming Additional Literary Works

G. W. Bush was sworn in as the 43rd President of These United States
On 20 Jan 2001.  The White House Has needed a careful Fumigation and D
elousing especially the computers and phone systems.

Their Back
Now it is our turn to make a stand.

Forget Hell

New page Posted 14, Sep 2002 an e-mail Forward by a Marine With an Attitude

The Call


Remembering Fall 1944
1st Marine Div on Peleliu

25-26 Oct 1942


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