Passing This Vale



Go! I Will Meet You In The Mountains


Where The Springs Eternal Flow


Where Young Kids And Lambs Are Grazing


In The Fresh Green Of Spring


Your Work Here Is Finished


Ours Is Truly Tasked


To Lead On Past Your Footsteps


Where Dreams Have Told The Way


To Sing The Paean, Eat The Feast


Game Hard And Long In Memory


Of The Steps You Took


Leading To This Pass


Rocky Hard And Long


Through Dark Forbidding Heights


They Allow But One To Step


Through Into Eternal Temple


No Hands In Itís Making


Waiting For Your Song


So Long In Composition


So Sweet It Shall Be


We Thank You For The Writing


Your Tale Is Fully Told


Go! I Will Meet You In Due Course

Vale 1. A valley, often coursed by a stream; a dale.

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