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In Memory of 4 Marines 1 Navy Killed

The Dragon Awakes

How every single Marine feels right now:

Congratulations, ISIS.

You wanted attention, and yesterday, you got it. Only, you chose the wrong people to seek that
attention from.

You did not get the attention of our weak President. He tweeted his support for your medieval
holiday following your cowardly attack. You did not get the attention of our useless and corrupt
Congress. They were too busy lining their pockets.

When you attacked those four Marines, you got the attention of every one of our 186,800 active
duty Marines, along with every Marine who ever served.

You just stirred up hate, discontent, and malice within a group of people who relish the idea of
engaging the enemy.

There is something you obviously don't yet know about Marines...

The brotherhood we share is stronger than the challenges we face, the weapons we master, or the
enemies we destroy.

You will learn that soon though.

You attacked a group of men who bond over the smell of gunpowder and misery—and enjoy it. You
didn't attack America's leaders, you attacked America's Marines, and that is a battle you are not
prepared for.

You see, we won't play by the rules you're accustomed to seeing. When you play in our backyard,
we don't have to answer to any chain of command. We will not follow ridiculous ROEs crafted by a
spineless bureaucrat to appease some goat herding tribal leader. And we won't be wearing uniforms
so that you can easily ambush us.

Nope. None of that shit.

When you think you're walking into a target-rich environment, you're really walking into an

That pudgy, middle-aged guy wearing khakis in the mall, who unbeknownst to you, is a former 0311
and armed, will dump your sorry ass before you have a chance to scream "allah snackbar." And that
soccer mom pushing a stroller, she's got a Glock and will happily leave you gasping in a pool of
your own blood before she lets you hurt her children.

We are here and we still have the training and experience to wage war, whether here or abroad.
And wage war we will. Every one of us are willing to fight and die to protect our Marine Corps
brothers and sisters, our families and friends, and our way of life.

And we will win, because while you fight to destroy what you hate, we fight to protect what we

Semper Fi!

Afterword Photographed on a Billboard

It's God's Job to Judge the Terrorists....
It's Our Mission to Arrange the Meeting.


Tomi's Red, White, Blue & Unfiltered Final Thoughts the Slaughter of 4 Marines by Another "Mohammad"


From 2004

Cold Rage



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