The Winds  Was An Alternative look at politics and reality from a Strict Religious and Conservative Mormon Viewpoint this site Has been Pulled Then Reposted from it's Original location on the Web. Only a Redirect page was left until 9-11-2001 When new activity was noted, Visit It or look below For Links to Mirror sites  and Zip Archive locations, Make a copy as the Author Suggests I think It is worth the Effort.

This Site was up for about four years with daily additions.  The Author published many insightful examinations of current events and past travesties.  I do not agree with everything he has had to say but reading his view gave me a better appreciation for the views of a large part of the US Population.

The Winds also Posted several Historical Background Documents Which so far as I know are only available from "The Winds" currently. For My Own use I have the entire site archived on my computer. The site was all in all very interesting to read. It Contained Much Opinion and Many Unsubstantiated Expressions Posited as Truth, Believe It or Not after a Full Personal investigation using all available Sources of Information. Online, In Print and Personal Knowledge. Sarge the Poet

See below for new links to Zip Archive Copies.
Sarge the Poet  13, May 2003


All These Re-post Sites are Down as Of 13, May 2003

http://strongcity.com/  Related Discussion Posting Site

Zip archives updated 9-20-00

Servers Who Hosted  "The WINDS" Mirror sites 
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I Will Post The Winds Site Zip Files Until I Run Out of Server Space.

http://sargethepoet.com/winds_no_images.zip  (1.9 MB)

http://sargethepoet.com/winds_with_images.zip (8.4 MB)

Both of These files date back to July 2000 when they were released by the The Winds Site author for distribution. Download and then unzip with an appropriate Utility Program. Read with an open and inquisitive mind and then do your own Due Diligence investigation into What Is So. Change your Beliefs only when a full elucidation of available evidence has been completed and your old beliefs are no longer tenable within your new state of being. It can be A Real Trip, Remember you have been warned that the information contained in these files are Statements of Opinion and Unsubstantiated Expositions of Possible Truth.


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