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  Ghost Town  1. Introduction  2. 600 years  3. Cruising Around
  4. Belorussia 5. Checkpoint 6. Losses 7. Heroes Uncounted
8. Horses 9. One Party 10. Atomic Plant 11. Too Close
12. Quiet Town 13. Bike Shop 14. Hotel 15. Houses
16. Parade 17. Post Office 18. Park 19. Rides
20. Climbing Up 21. Love Note 22. On Top 23. Counters
24. "Azure" 25. Kindergarten 26. Doll and Bunny 27. Last Word

Additional Information

July 2008



expanded coverage of the radiological hazards with recent follow up tour photos




PRIPYAT ghost town (1970-1986)


An Older Version of Tour



 New intro Page to Tour
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Ghost Town Name

plant operators' town of Pripyat

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11 1997 Version Info
I Do Not Know what year her bike is

Bike history on 2008 links above


Web sites

Chernobyl March 2001


I Take this sites casualties figures with grain of salt.

7 The Chernobyl disasters Its effect on Belarus and Ukraine


Good Detailed Information on industrial aspects
of Site and the Accident



The Accident and Progress Since 1986


Reactor details from  The Uranium Institute
Links to detail reports

The Chornobyl Nuclear Accident
and it's Ramifications


Reports, Reports, Reports
From 1996

Chernobyl blamed for birth drop


1, April 2004 Prague Post

Today's State of "Shelter" Object at Chernobyl NPP
Does Not Give Time for Reflections - Scientists


23, March 2004 Article

I will  post additional links as I find ones worth posting

a search using http://google.com/  can help those

Looking for additional Information on Nuclear power Past, Present and Future

Accident remediation and risks


Law Office page with twelve additional sources on Chernobyl and similar accidents

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