Flanders Visit



There They Stand In Silence


Upon This Field Of Green


Bent And Humble


With Canes In Hand


Where Long Past


Their Youth They Lost


Amid The Poppies Red


Now In Awkward Silence


Apart From Wives And Children


They Commune With Shades


Awakened By Their Visit


To This Verdant Field


Where Poppies Hid The Carnage


For Those Brief Spring Days


Oh So Long Ago


In The War To End All Wars


Copyright ©18, May 2001  By Joseph A. Merrill III

All Rights Reserved

AKA Sarge the Poet

Further Information On the Battlefields
as they are today


Music By

Music By George Friedrich Händel  1685 - 1759

George Friedrich Händel

Midi Sequenced By Ken Whitcomb

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