Heat Treated Cold Worked



From The Crucible Of Rhetoric


We Poured Forth


Fiery And Unformed


Dull Siege, Arduous Marches


Flashed Off The Dross


Hammer Blow Of Battle


Long Furnace Of March


Shaped Blade To Need


Quenched Cold, Examined


Still Far From Perfect


Back To The Forge Sent


Hammered Anew By


Long March, Sharp Battle


Then Plunged Into


Cold, Oh So Cold


Shriek Of Contraction


Toughening Tension


A New Smith To The Work Comes


Strange Of Tongue


Sharp Of Manner


Final Shape To Give


To The New Blade


"The Continental Line"


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All Rights Reserved

Sarge the Poet

Written 12, September 2003

Written In Honor of the Men of the Blue and Buff

Forged In The Cold Forge
Valley Forge

19, December 1777 To 19, June 1778

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Historic Valley Forge Site

Men Of Valley Forge



From Volkslieder aus Aller Welt

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