Just the Facts


13 Dead Maybe More


A Hero Who Says She Isnít


30 Wounded


All Shot


By A Festering Sore


In The Body Politic


A Soldier For Allah


Out To Destroy Western Civilization


It Is Time To Wake Up Folks


This War Started In 622


When Mohammad Came Out


Of the Desert Wastes


With His New Religion


Bent On Eradicating


All Who Stood In His Way


He Had But One Goal


One Religion One God


All Controlled By His Chosen People


From The Sand Wastes


Of The Arabian Peninsula


My Ancestors Fought The Horde


On 10, October 732 AD


At Tours


In What Is Now France


Stopped Their Northern Progress


And Killed The Umayyad Commander


This Is Three Hundred Plus Years


Before the First Western Crusade


They Attacked The West First


Not As They Claim


Being Attacked First


By The Crusaders


The Time Of Death Is Upon Us


Kill Them All, God Will Know His Own


Cry "Havoc" ...    The Call  The Line


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