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Our Classmate Kathe Mensik's (Hoerber)
 Daughter Celebrated 2001 In Fine Style
as Miss Rodeo Montana

NOTE: As Kristy is now retired from "rodeo queening", all her beautiful clothes are for sale.  Click on this link and look for the August 16, 2002 announcement:
or you can email your inquiry directly to: Kathe at

Items Not in Order Subject to Revision Joe

RAY JUDD FORD proudly presents


The Former
Miss Red Lodge Home of Champions 2000,
And  Miss Rodeo Montana 2001

2002 Miss Rodeo America Pageant

6th Place Finisher


Kathe Hoerber Mensik's Daughter Kristy
Miss Red Lodge Home of Champions 2000 Photo

Miss Red Lodge Home of Champions 2000 Photo

Photo by
Tom Egenes,
Flash's Photography, Red Lodge MT

Kristy's Op-Ed Statement
About Animal Rights Activists and Rodeo
15, Oct 2001

Kristy's Press Release

Received 18, Nov 2001

Kristy's Sponsors In order of Contribution

Ray Judd Ford, Red Lodge MT

Leather Legends, Fromberg MT (custom-made leather clothing and accessories)

Flash's Photography, Red Lodge MT

Central Glass and Paint, Great Falls MT

Paparazzi Furs, Big Sky MT

Montana Fur Trappers

Noon's Sinclair Stations

Red Lodge Home of Champions Rodeo, Red Lodge MT

Montana Silversmiths Inc.

Alpine Veterinary Hospital, Billings MT

Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters, Billings MT and Casper WY

Hogland's Western Wear, Great Falls MT

Al's Bootery, Billings MT

United States National Bank of Red Lodge MT

Law Dog Hats. Billings MT [Custom-made Cowboy Hats]

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Montana

Additional Information From the Web

RedLodge.com - A Pretty Complete Information Source for Travelers Going To Red Lodge.

From Class News Page

21, Jan 2001

Kathie S. Mensik (Hoerber) reports that her Daughter  Kristy was Named Miss Red Lodge Home of the Champions 2000, She sent in a copy of the Flyer for us to share. Then Kristy was crowned Miss Rodeo Montana on Sunday afternoon 14, Jan 2001 
The Miss Rodeo America Pageant was  2-9, Dec 2001 in Las Vegas. 

20, Dec 2001 Pageant Results quick note from Kathe, more later.

I just wanted to let everyone know that our cards will be sent out late this year. I'm not sure if I will get them out for New Year's or Easter, so you will just have to be surprised!

I feel bad that I am missing the real Christmas date, but I am getting older and just can't do those all night marathons anymore. (Or maybe I am just worn out from a year of being MRM's mom!)

anyway, I hope you understand. We will be thinking about you. Have a very merry Christmas and the happiest of new year's!

If you haven't heard the results of the pageant yet, Kristy did really well. She finished 6th and won the Western Region Award and scholarship. We are very, very proud.

Love, Kathe & Bob

As of Jan 2002 Kristy has retired from the Pageant Life and is finishing up her Public Relations Degree work after the Scholarship paid for year.


Proud Mothers Note About Recent Events:
From Kathe S. Mensik ( Hoerber) to LHS Class of 1970 Grads.

"I have some really exciting news I'd like you to pass on to the class, if you wouldn't mind.

On Jan. 10th-14th, our daughter went to the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals to compete for the title of Miss Rodeo Montana 2001. She swept all three categories of judging: horsemanship, personality, and appearance, and was crowned Miss Rodeo Montana on Sunday afternoon Jan 14th. It was a grueling 5 days, but an exciting finish. She will travel all over the west promoting professional rodeo and Montana. At the beginning of December, we'll go to Las Vegas where she'll compete in the Miss Rodeo America pageant held in conjunction with the National Finals rodeo. For those who aren't familiar with the west or rodeo, Miss Rodeo America is about 100 times more well known and followed out here, as are the state Miss Rodeos (no exaggeration). It's an incredibly big deal and we are really proud. I will send an attachment with her press photo when she was the local rodeo queen from the Home of Champions rodeo." ( Above Contents) 

This picture appeared in the Carbon County News,
and I thought you may enjoy seeing it.

It is Kristy being teased about her Watch by big brother Bob
at her Coronation Ball on April 8, 2001.


At The

2002 Miss Rodeo America Pageant
held in conjunction with the
National Finals Rodeo which ran December 7-16

December 2-9, 2001
Flamingo Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Following Young Ladies  competed

 for the title of Miss Rodeo America 2002

Miss Rodeo Alabama - Katie Yeager
Miss Rodeo Arizona - Kate Cox
Miss Rodeo Arkansas - Jami Shilling
Miss Rodeo California -
Jeni McDermott
Miss Rodeo Colorado - Allison Munger
Miss Rodeo Florida - Stephanie Datillio
Miss Rodeo Georgia - Joni Nash
Miss Rodeo Idaho _ Britny Christensen
Miss Rodeo Iowa -
Kelly Jo Heschke
Miss Rodeo Louisiana - Leslea Woodson
Miss Rodeo Michigan - Jennifer McGuire
Miss Rodeo Minnesota - Amy Jo Means
Miss Rodeo Mississippi - Robin Meeks
Miss Rodeo Missouri -
Amanda Mark
Miss Rodeo Montana -
Kristina Mensik
Miss Rodeo Nebraska -
Lindy Nicholson
Miss Rodeo Nevada -
Abbie VanCuren
Miss Rodeo New Mexico -
Shalei Erramouspe
Miss Rodeo North Dakota - Shannon Rustad
Miss Rodeo Ohio -
Shannon Hildbold
Miss Rodeo Oklahoma - Lacey Dale Cully
Miss Rodeo Oregon -
Desire'e Hammett
Miss Rodeo South Dakota -
Jennifer Heier
Miss Rodeo Tennessee -
Courtney Terry
Miss Rodeo Texas - Kara Brown
Miss Rodeo Utah - Jaime Casper
Miss Rodeo Virginia - Jennifer Sturgill
Miss Rodeo Washington -
Anna Thomas
Miss Rodeo Wisconsin -
Amanda Keegan
Miss Rodeo Wyoming -
Laura Linn

Two Pages of Photos of the 2002 ? 2003 Contestants
Page maybe updated already


My Posting of Above


My Posting Of Page2 

For The Event Announcement
and information Links
Click Here
Miss Rodeo America pageant

9, Oct 2001

From Kathe S. Mensik

Things are still on track for the upcoming pageant. When everything happened on 9/11, we were both quite disorientated and didn't quite know how to feel or what to do. There is always so much to do in the final months, but it almost seemed sacrilegious or something. I was watching an interview from Israel several nights later with a little old lady who'd survived the Holocaust. Basically she said, "don't let them ruin or control your life. Hold your head up high and continue to seek your dreams." That really put it all in perceptive for me. That doesn't mean I don't feel very sad over all that has happened in this country, but I do believe that we all have a purpose for each season of life. Mine is to support Kristy right now. I recently read "Yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this." Esther 4:14), and I just knew it was confirmation that Kristy was exactly where God wanted her right now. I don't know, but I really feel there are people who the Lord wanted to see Kristy when we go to Las Vegas in December for the Pageant.

Well just some thoughts I thought I'd share,



I have enclosed some updated pictures. The official MRA contestant photo and some modeling she did recently at the National Western Design conference in Cody WY

Kristy was listed for Fundraising status with the Current Inc. Greeting Card fundraising website.  For complete information go to the  Support page at


 Official  MRA Contest Photo Kristy Mensik

 Kristy's Official MRA Contestant Photo
Tom Egenes,
Flash's Photography, Red Lodge MT

Kristy's Op-Ed Statement
About Animal Rights Activists and Rodeo
15, Oct 2001


Two Shots at the National Western Design conference in Cody WY plus Kristy in her Blue Outfit.

 The Crowd Is Hooked and About to Get Roped In

Kristy Is Having All the Fun



Did I tell you how it all ended up? You may want to include a note on the MRA pageant:

"After 10 grueling days, the Miss Rodeo America pageant concluded with Kristy finishing in 6th place.  She also won the Western Region Scholarship Award."

I have included pictures from the MRA competition if you would like to post them. I think pictures are fun!

--- Kathe Mensik
--- mensik@earthlink.net

Kristy 2002 MRA Horsmanship Phase


Kristy Showing Off At the FashionShow


Kristy's Formal MRA Interview Photo


Kristy Gabbing It Up


at the PRCA Luncheon


Prayer for America
From Kathe S. Mensik
7, Oct 2001

Miss Rodeo Montana Inc. Homepage

Miss Rodeo Montana Inc. Kristy Photos


Links Unsorted as I Found them.












Kathe Mensik's
Ski Trip Offer
Offer Received 
26, Oct 2002
At Red Lodge Montana
Plus Photos of Bob
and Kathe's Ranch
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