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The rest of this page Will Remain As is as a resource and Archive for the 30th Reunion. Limited Update 28, Dec 2000 Tom Nicol Changed Internet Host Service so updated some of the links to his Sites

A further update to correct broken links to and from graphics, some separation bars were replaced also along with email links corrections.
 2, July 2008.

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Welcome: To The 1970 Graduates of Libertyville High School The 30th Reunion Party is Over
All Done but the Clean Up All Done !
Planning has Started for a Cruise Trip in Two Years and the 35th Reunion in the Summer of 2005
For The 1966 Graduates of Highland Junior High School The Time Capsule Hunt Is Complete we Recovered it intact and on time

Where The Party Was Our Food Suppliers and the Band Info
Times Up, Party Is Over, Join Us Quick On Sunday the 30th to Clean Up and Pick through all the lost and found goodies if any. Time 13:30 at the Legion Hall.
Did You Miss the Fun So Sorry

Today 28, July 2000 Be at the Door at SIX PM at the Libertyville American Legion Hall the Work Ends and the Fun Kicks into High Gear First Out of Town Attendees have been heard from in town come find out who has shown up. Sorry you missed the Party get in touch and help start the next planning cycle meetings and more FUN Soon

    Fearless Leader 

Welcome to the Party One and All, your host Joseph A. Merrill III Class President. I was elected to the Position at the 25th reunion. All Classmates who spent time with our class are welcome to the Party and Yes Your Current, Past and Future Friends are Welcome Also.

This page is under construction Just Like Chicago Roads Forever!
Missing Classmates   Read the List, Find a Classmate, Click on Missing Classmate Found Report Link, Fill out e-mail message and click Send Button to send it to the Committee. Lists are Changing daily and This is the 27, April 2000 Version. Sorry no chance to repost the list Yet 5, June 2000

Vertical Images of School and Libertyville

Libertyville | Butler Lake Building | Brainerd  Click on Names for Image

To Contact the Committee use our e-mail address below.

lhs_70_30th@hotmail.com dead use sarge@sargethepoet.com

lhs_70_30th@hotmail.com Click on Link to Left if you have an e-mail program on your computer or cut this


then paste it into your web based e-mail program if you do not have e-mail enabled on your PC

Any and all classmates, family and friends are welcome to participate in the planning and running of the upcoming 30th reunion and its precursor Meetings

To READ the e-mail we have received on the Hotmail system account located at http://www.msn.com or to use the Account to send to the entire e-mail list I have established please e-mail the Committee account giving us your name, e-mail address, Phone Number and Mailing address. In return I or one of the other Members will send you back the Current password.
My Contact Information is Further Down the Page

Plan Of Action And Status Report

We held several meetings in July and August of 1999 And then Held a Picnic on 11, Sept 1999 at The Adler Park Pavilion. Further meetings on the 18th of October at Bill's Pizza and Pub and the 29th of November at the Gilmer Road House where a blast. More on Our later meetings further down. Step up and join us in planning for our 30th reunion next year.

Our Action has been to have Committee Meetings Bi-monthly through January then Monthly until the reunion will have been held in Late July 2000.
See Tom Nicol's pages for Photos from the Meetings.
Meeting dates are listed further down the page please check, everyone is invited to come plan and party with us.
Donations will be accepted and are encouraged to build our reunion war Fund. Make Checks Out to LHS Class Of 1970 and Mark Back of check "For Deposit Only". Mail to My Address shown at Bottom of Page. Joseph A. Merrill III

Cross our Fingers Y2K Bug / Programming Practice Mistake Seems to have had minimal effects. Let us know if you experienced any problems.


Information Cards Were Mailed on 22, Aug 1999.
DID You Get Yours?
If not Contact the Committee and mail or e-mail us address, Phone Number and E-mail address corrections. Progress Report #1 went out on March 2nd 2000. Same as Above If you have found this web site and did not receive a copy LET US KNOW.


Class of 1966
Highland Junior High School

A Mystery? Buried Treasure?

We Found It Full of Paper, Cast in concrete and heavy plastic Sheeting all is well Time 2, June 2000 15:00 hrs Approx. More to Follow

We HAD a Time Capsule ( A Tarred over ) NO, NO, NO, Wrapped in Plastic Then Cast in Concrete JAYS ( Nope New ERA Frito Lay ) Potato Chip Can Full of Essays, Records ( Wrong Again no records) and other Mementos ( Yup ) Buried at Highland School to Find and Dig up on 2, June 2000 at 2:00 PM. The Choice of when to open it depended on Finding it and what it's condition at time of recovery was. It Is Open!!!!! Tom Smashed the Concrete Shell open with a 3 pound machinist hammer. The Instigator of the Project to Bury the Capsule Donald Zwier was in town August 1999 ( He Was there when we dug it up silver hair and all. Look for news coverage all the local papers.) He Thought he Knew Where it was buried He lead one of our Committee Members to the Spot it may have been hidden. His Memory is bad on this. Tom Nicol TOOK the LEAD on this with Don Zwier, John McCormick and many Classmates providing input.
We Still Need any EYE witness accounts of the Capsule Burial, Who encased it in Concrete and other details for the record to be complete. Photos of Burial in Progress would be a Great help. Were any Students present when it went into the Ground

We had at least 27 Classmates present plus a whole bunch of onlookers, family, Class of 2000 Families etc. A Notable presence was Gary Gibbs who came in from Vermont with his Daughter Just to witness the dig, he was last with us in the middle of eighth grade .

Yahoo We Did IT. On Time and with a Great Turn out thanks everybody for the great time we all had

For LATE BREAKING NEWS ON THIS Check Tom Nicol's Capsule Hunt pages Next Link Below. Ongoing

02, July 2008 update Tom Nicol's Support Pages for time capsule recovery

Time Capsule Hunt Page   Tom and The Rest of the Gang TOOK OFF on this Project
Spring is Ready to Blossom
Summer Is HOT ON IT

2, June 2000

Warm up Chow Down At the Dairy Queen Milwaukee ILL Rt 21 and Rockland At Noon WE had to wait for the Dairy Queen to OPEN Then the Time Capsule Dig  Highland Middle School Libertyville at the South East Corner we were there 1:45 PM. Dig started at 1:58 PM. Party Afterwards at Marilyn Maether Copelands House which is in the Neighborhood. IT WAS A BLAST Thanks Marilyn For having us over
ALL Done Great Time was had by all who showed up

3, June 2000
Picnic, Celebration, Regrouping  FUN, FUN, FUN  
Where Half Day Forest Preserve Shelter C At the North End Of the Loop Drive.
When 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM Approx. Sunset See Tom's Calendar Page Link Below For Map.
Bring Food, Beverages other picnic supplies.
ALL Done A Super Great Time was had by all who showed up

Tom's Calendar Page   Complete List of Dates and Times for Events with Map Links

Save These Dates

The Committee Has Scheduled the Reunion For the following dates 27, 28, 29 and 30 July in 2000.
Arrangements have been made to rent the American Legion hall in Libertyville for The 28th and 29th.
All Events Are Casual Dress.
On the 27th we will have a pre-event Meeting to greet early arrivals and for final last minute coordination. Time to be determined later.

On the 28th From 06:00 PM to Midnight there will be an evening of Partying with Pizza, Beer, Wine etc. To Our Music!!! Bring Your Old Records, We will arranged for Turntables Robust enough to handle the ONES In The Worst condition we can bear to listen to.

On the 29th the Main Event will be From 06:00 PM to Midnight
An Exciting Evening of Talk and Dancing to Live Music By
"The Flames" Whoops Wrong Name
They were "The Flares"

from 08:00 PM to 11:00 PM With an Upscale Buffet being served Starting at 07:00 PM

Cost will be $20.00 Per Person For Friday Night and $30.00 Per Person For Saturday Night. Checks Made out to LHS Class of 1970 can be mailed to me at

LHS Class of 1970
C/O Joseph A. Merrill III
P.O. BOX 186
Libertyville, IL 60048-0186

Official Reunion Announcement Sheet   This is a Copy of Our Mailing to Lost then found Classmates

Tom Nicol's Support Pages  for correct links 02, July 2008

Also we are leaving open the Possibility of a Golf Outing During the Day. We need a couple of Golfers to Step Forward and organize this or a Sunday Event if they want to get together on the Links. Contact Joan Sheldon at link below if interested.
Urgent as of 3 June 2000 Joan needs to hear from all Golfers Interested in a Round Get hold of Her ASAP

Golf Outing

Sunday the 30th is also open for a Golf event or other get togethers as called for by Classmates and arranged with their help.

Tom's Calendar Page   Complete List of Dates and Times for Events with Map Links

Warning: The 55th U.S. Womens Open Conducted by the United States Golf Association will be at the Merit Club The Week Before. Up Between Libertyville and Gurnee. Dates inclusive are 17 to 23 July 2000. The Final Four Rounds on the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd will be televised. They Expect 120,000 Plus to attend the event. The Time is now to start Making Travel and Housing Arrangments for the Reunion so You can beat the Rush later in the Year.

U.S. Womens Open Home Page   For the Whole truth in the Matter Check Here

Expedia Map to Merit Club   More Whole Truth in the Matter

Maps by Microsoft Expedia Maps  http://www.expediamaps.com

Last but not least I and the other Committee members would like to see each and every living Classmate no Later than Homecoming in the Fall here in Libertyville, Illinois, Here in the Heart of Lake County Illinois

Come And Join the Fun

If you are ready to come and assist contact us. If you have any change of addresses, Phone numbers or information on other classmates please send them to our e-mail address or use the Links below to our most excellent information update form to help you. Any and all Suggestions regarding this site and additional resources to Post on it will be Appreciated. Yours In Peace Joseph A. Merrill III Class President Libertyville Community High School Class of 1970, LCHS Class of 1970, Libertyville High School Class of 1970, LHS Class of 1970

Our Service Links

http://www.lchs.lake.k12.il.us/  Libertyville Community High School Home Page

http://www.libertyville.com/  Village of Libertyville Home Page

Libertyville Area Weather Reports  From the Weather Channel Build your Own Weather page With This Site Show Waukegan as one of your Cities to get Libertyville area weather updates

About Libertyville Commercial Page  A Useful Source of Local information

ClassMates.COM  Please Register Here Even If You Do not Join

The Daily Herald   A Local newspaper

The News Sun Online A Copley Paper  Covers the Local Area Each Week

Libertyville Review   A Big Thick Weekly

Chicago and It's Suburbs  A Great Private page full Of information


Landmark Education Corporation   The Premier Leadership Training Program in the World Today! It is My Personal Training System and Who I Work for through Burns International Security Corp. It Is one of the main Factors enabling the current drive to Have a spectacular Year for our Class and a Successful Reunion. I highly Recommend their Programs to anyone Who wishes to have a more fulfilled Life. Joseph A. Merrill III Webmaster




Home Page Links

Waiting To Hear From You So I Can Start Posting More Links Beside my Own and Toms

Sarge_the_Poet  My Alternate Home Page on 9ug.com

 Wee Beastie Biplane Works
- Infernal Contraptions are Our Specialty -
 Doug Macbeth's Great Site Detailing his Involvement with Tiny Things With Two sets of Wings Which are alleged to be able carry a man aloft.

Sarge the Poet Number Two   My Alternate Home Page First on MSN.COM network and now on talk city. I Have our Year Book Covers Posted Here along with Back up Reunion information and a huge passel of interesting Link pages.

Thomas H. Nicol's Home Page Complex  A Classmate From Highland in 1966 who contacted me via the Classmates system looking for leads to the time capsule at Highland School. The Capsule Hunt is Complete and we had a great time. Tom Is now the Highland Junior High School Class of 1966 President since the Local Newspapers say he is and Tom agrees and I say so also until someone else wants the Job Bad enough to make a fuss about what we have been up to.

Judy (Bills) Ciancio Sent Us This Web Address  Pack-o-Fun is a fifty year old family craft and activity magazine. Our site offers free patterns, projects and ideas for working with kids.

Steven E. Burgauer   Steve has made a name for himself as a Science Fiction Author.

Judy Matthews Chmura   Howard Matthews Sister Judy has built a great Anishinaabeg (Chippewa Indian) Heritage Site check it out.

Site Hosted By Your Fearless 'Oh Really' Leader GI Joe Merrill
I and The Committee Can Be Contacted Through the links and other methods listed randomly below

This is a Link to an Information Update Form Courtesy of Tom Nicol on his Site

Reunion Inquiry Form   Fill out form and click Submit Button to Attempt to send it to the Committee

I Said This Site Was Under Construction And I Meant it. Updates Every Few Days. Keep Coming Back To See What We Are Up To.

This Next Link connects to a complex of Committee Support Pages Tom Nicol is building for us. It includes our information update form, Class roster of e-mail and Home Page addresses received so far, a Link to classmates.com and his Highland Time Capsule Search Page.

Committee Support Pages   Please Use as You Feel is best to Crank the Communication Channels Wide Open

Our E-Mail Address

lhs_70_30th@hotmail.com   Click on Link to Left if you have an e-mail program on your computer or cut this
then paste it into your web based e-mail program if you do not have e-mail enabled on your PC

My Home Phone with voice mail


My old Voice Mail line

847-918-0435 outgoing use now

Or By Mail

LHS Class of 1970
C/O Joseph A. Merrill III
P.O. BOX 186
Libertyville, IL 60048-0186

You May Communicate Directly With Me Your Class President, Reunion Chairman and Webmaster at sarge@sargethepoet.com  Using the Link Below

    Fearless Leader

Meeting News

Our Last Four Committee Meetings were on the 29th of November, 31st of Jan 2000, 7th of March, 10th Of April and 30th of April 2000 at the Gilmer Road House.
Our Next Committee Meeting and Open Get Together Will Be On Sunday the 25th of June 16:00 ( 04:00 PM ) at the
Last Chance Saloon and Cafe
129 Center Street, Grayslake, IL 60030 PH 847-223-0082
I will Be There Cross my Fingers Waiting For You See Everyone There.

Boy We are having Fun, Fun, Fun Where have you been Hiding!!!

We Have been having a Great time with the Time Capsule , Picnic and everything else Come on out and Party With Us at our Next Get Together at the Last Chance Saloon and Cafe in Downtown Grayslake on the Afternoon of the 25th of June Which is a Sunday Victoria Martin Came up with this last Meeting Date Before the Reunion Week Come On Out And Party.

Last Chance Saloon and Cafe
129 Center Street, Grayslake, IL 60030

Great Local Burger and Beer establishment - not fancy, but good ol' local establishment

MAPS, Photos and More Maps

Interactive Map To Last Chance Saloon and Cafe A Great Place To Meet

Maps by Microsoft Expedia Maps  http://www.expediamaps.com

Last Chance Saloon and Cafe Location Map
Map To:
Last Chance Saloon and Cafe
129 Center Street, Grayslake, IL 60030
PH 847-223-0082

Satellite Photo of Area around The Gilmer Road House.   It is in the Upper Right Quadrant north of the arrowhead shaped lake. Taken 20, Dec 1994

Satellite Photo of The Gilmer Road House   At the south East corner of the Intersection Taken 20, Dec 1994

Interactive Map to The Gilmer Roadhouse   Roadhouse is Just Below the M in the Word Midlothian the Pin is south and west of actual location.
Maps by Microsoft Expedia Maps  http://www.expediamaps.com


Map To The Gilmer Roadhouse

Non Interactive Map to The Gilmer Roadhouse At the Mug

Maps by Microsoft Expedia Maps  http://www.expediamaps.com

The Gilmer Roadhouse
25792 N. Midlothian Rd
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
Ph 847-438-0300

Our Previous Committee Meeting on the 18th of Oct 1999 was at Bill's Pizza and Pub in Mundelein. Old Photos Were Shared, New Photos Taken, Address, Phone and E-mail corrections Made. Sorry If you did not make it we had a Great time.

Where Bill's Pizza and Pub is Located

Satellite Photo of Area around Bill's Pizza and Pub   Taken 17, April 1993

Satellite Photo of Bill's Pizza and Pub   Taken 17, April 1993 from Terra server Data base at link below

Terraserver.com   Best Current Satellite Photo Data Base Free to Public, But it has limited Coverage to date as it started with Soviet Sources. We were in a primary Target area so There are lots of shots of Libertyville in the records. Remember Hiding Under Your School Desks in Highland School during Strike Drills. This is the Reason Why. Great Lakes Naval Station, Fort Sheridan and the Vernon Hills Nike Site were all High Value Targets. The Arrow pattern of runways at the Vernon Hills Site is easy to see in the photos just track south-east from the area view of South Mundelein to find it. That is where the Libertyville High School Freshman Class is Going to school this year at what will be the Vernon Hills High School just off the north edge of the old base. The School will be using 60 acres of the old base for athletic fields. Then Play with Terraserver.com a bit to see What else you can find.

Vernon Hills Nike Site

Interactive Map to Bill's Pub and Pizza
Maps by Microsoft Expedia Maps  http://www.expediamaps.com

   Bill's Pizza and Pub is on the North side of Diamond Lake Road at US Rt 45 ( Lake st.) Just West of where Pin is in Map
This is the best resource I have found for address linked Maps. I hope it serves the Purpose

Bill's Pizza and Pub
624 s. Lake St.
Mundelein, IL 60060
They did not take reservations so it was First Come First Served I was there from 05:00 PM 18, Oct 1999 to 08:15 PM WHERE WERE YOU?


Map To Bill's Pizza and Pub

Maps by Microsoft Expedia Maps  http://www.expediamaps.com

Map to Bill's Pizza and Pub None Interactive

Scanner Image of Joseph A. Merrill III 26, Aug 1999

Your Webmaster Playing With Scanner to Get a Quick Photo Online 26, Aug 1999

Anyone wanting Class Logoed Clothing or Useful Goodies Contact Joan Sheldon, Joe Merrill and the committee at lhs_70_30th@hotmail.com
Joan has been coordinating that part of the Reunion Planning. Use The Link Which Follows if your System allows it to set your e-mail program up.

Apparel Contacts
  We will consider requests for another series of Sweatshirts or T-shirts but no guarantees

Click to Get Printable Sweatshirt Order Form
It opens in a Separate Window

Go To My Web Site Portal

Go to My Web Site Portal For Connections to many interesting Sites

Posted 01:10 31, July 2000 / Reposted as 30th.htm 28, Dec 2000
Link corrections and some Spelling corrections 21, May 2001
Reposted 02, July 2008
Copyright Joseph A. Merrill III 1999, 2000, 2001, 2008

Happy Mid Summer FUN the Reunion Express Rolls ON!!!!! Next Stop 2002 a Cruise Trip is starting to brew.

Summer is Ready to Bake Us After Being Nice All July


It is Never to Late to Join the Next Party 35th Reunion Planning already is in Progress. Something Fun Every Month or so from Now on.


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