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Posted 5 March 2005

Dear Joe,
Thanks for your timely reply.  It sounds like the people who have been doing this for a while are all burned out.  I understand this, as I've been working with volunteers for the past 20-some years.
I really liked the small get-together we had in Lake Geneva a few years back and I think a lot of people would enjoy having a 35th reunion this summer or fall.  To that end, I'm willing to put some time and energy into this, but, being what?  a new comer? new returnee?  former "missing person", I don't want to step on anyone's toes.
So, who do I need to contact? If you can help me with this, I'll run with it.
Here's how I like to operate:  I don't like to fail or waste anyone's time, so rather than just announce a meeting at a given time and place and see who shows up, I like to get personal commitments from a number of people to be there.  Then I'll make the general announcement and whoever else shows up is a plus.  I'll be glad to do this if you can give some names and email addresses and phone numbers of people likely to be interested.  We only need a small percentage of the class to make this work.
I can provide some motivational and organizational skills and have access to all sorts of office equipment for communications. 
I can also come up with programming.  Looking toward retirement, I've gotten involved in the entertainment business again part-time and over the past year or so have developed lots of contacts in Cook and Lake Counties.
Feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested.
Thanks, Joe.  Y'all have done a great job with this and I understand how recent events have filled up your plate.  I'd like to help.
Your friend,

24, Feb 2005

Ok Folks The Challenge Is Out
First Meeting In Late April

Ideas? Where? When?

Steve's Reply

Hey Joe,
I just got back fro a weekend in the woods with a bunch of teenagers.  I'm tired out, but glad to hear things are rolling.  You can list me at
Steve 6. March 2005

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