LHS Class of 1970
55th Birthday Bash

15, September 2007

A Saturday by the Way

At Flatlanders in Lincolnshire

The Libertyville High School

Class of 1970

Will meet

To Listen To Great Music,

Talk, Party

And Share What Life Has Given Each Of Us.

Announcement Pages as Mailed Below

With Minor editorial updates for web posting

22, Aug 2007

There are plenty of seats left.

Send your reservations in

As Soon As Possible

So we can finalize Arrangements

With Flatlanders

Addendum to Update

We Need the Last Checks

Deposited 10, Sept 2007

So We Can Give

Flatlanders a Hard Count

Of Those Attending

31, Aug 2007

LHS Class of 1970

Announces its 55th Birthday Bash

Saturday 15, Sept 2007


Flatlander's Restaurant and Brewery
200 Village Green

Lincolnshire, Illinois


Ph 847-821-1234


That is in the North East Corner area where Il RT 21 meets US RT 45


The Party Starts at 6:00 PM With a Cash Bar Icebreaker

Dinner for the First 75 Reservation in a Private Room at 7:00 PM

At 9:00 PM The Rock the House Main Event Starts

Our Classmates Tom Wright and Steve Howery,

along with Extreme Therapy and Catherine Wright,

Will Entertain us with a Music Trip Down Memory Lane

The Cost For Dinner is $50.00 per Person

Sitting will Be First Paid order at time of Sitting for Dinner. Overflow will be able to buy dinner at regular Flatlanders rates in the other dinning areas.  Overflow Checks will be returned at the end of the Dinner period.

I will deposit the first Seventy Five Checks received to our account all others will be held pending the time for Dinner.

Three Menu Selections will be offered Covering most Dietary needs.

All Alcoholic Drinks are at your expense as it is a Strict Cash Bar Event.

Event Registration is Appended to our What Have You Been UP To Form.


For My Records I Have Sent $__________ Check #_________

For _______ Dinner Reservations for the
LHS Class of 1970 55th Birthday Bash

Our What have you been up to Form
and Event registration

Please complete the information below EVEN IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO ATTEND. 
We want to know how life has been treating you!

Please return this completed form by August 15th 2007


(women - include maiden name)

Spouse Name_________________________________________________________ __     

Street Address_________________________________________________________­­­­­­­_

City _____________________    State__________Zip Code   _______________

Telephone________________    e-mail address__________________________


Number of Children_________    Grandchildren________  Great Grands______

Profile: Occupation(s) / Retired, interests, hobbies, travel, awards, honors, exciting events?






Names/addresses/phone #s of relatives/friends we can contact if we lose track of you:




Registration for Dinner 15, September 2007 at
Flatlander's Restaurant and Brewery @ $50.00 per Person Attending
Limit first 75 paid registrations received.

Your Name Here_________________________________________

Sends the Following Funds

$____________.____ Enclosed For ___________ People

Highlight and Print out the section Above then Return  with your
Check Made out to LHS Class of 1970

To  LHS Class of 1970
      C/O Joseph A. Merrill III
      PO BOX 186
      Libertyville, IL 60048-0186

Preview of Extreme Therapy at Flatlanders on 27, July 2007
( PM to Midnight ) Ad Copy From Steve Howery






36309 NORTH RTE 21

GURNEE, IL 60031

(847) 244-8300


1:30 T0 4:30 SUNDAY, JULY 29TH 


Cook-Out 2:00 TO 4:00

“ROUGH RIDERS” play 1:00 to 5:00


Leather not required

Web Addresses, Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers
For LHS Class of 1970


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Send All Mail To

LHS Class of 1970

C/O Joseph A. Merrill III

PO BOX 186

Libertyville, IL 60048-0186


My email Address sarge@sargethepoet.com

My Home Phone Numbers

847-362-4261 main and Voice mail

847-918-0435 Back up line I call out from

Tom Wright our Flatlanders event Host Email Address



What Got it Started

From Tom Wright
16, May 2007



Calling All Scoopers!

Yes, you know who you are.  Members of the LHS class of '70 have been
turning 55 all year long and even though most of us no longer spend our
time laying rubber on Milwaukee Avenue, we'd like to celebrate our longevity
with music, dancing, good food and drink and great company.

A group of us has been talking about making this happen some weekend in
the early Fall here in beautiful Chicagoland, our home, sweet home.  We've
got some great music lined up--a real blast from the past--and we'd like to
ask you to help us come up with a great plan for a big party.

Here are some questions for you:

Would you like to join the Steering committee (or the brakes or clutch,
for that matter)?  You need not be local, we meet via email with the locals
running the errands.

Would you like us to keep you informed of our plans?  If so, what's the
best way to reach you with this info?

Would you like the event to be held in or near Libertyville?  Near

What should the maximum cost per person be?

Would you be willing to pay more for a catered event in a cool, classy

Please contact any of the members of the Steering committee with any
other input you'd like to share.  And don't hesitate to forward this to any
of our classmates you may be in contact with. Our list is incomplete.

Your friends,

com. mbr.  email, phone #, etc.

Any input, corrections or new ideas more than welcome,

Please contact me by email at:


Don't forget the t before the 2000.

 Thank you,

Tom Wright

Webmaster and Site Owner
Joseph A. Merrill III

LHS Class of 1970
P.O. BOX 186
Libertyville, IL 60048-0186

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