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Where Cheri Hoerber Isgreen Shows her Work





Niles Community Church

50 Year Anniversary in 2002!!
The Rev. Steven L. Howery Pastor
Reverend Steven L. Howery
Relocated March 2001


 Wee Beastie Biplane Works
- Infernal Contraptions are Our Specialty -
 The Site Doug W. Macbeth Maintained until his death 21, July 2001 For Himself and E.A.A. Chapter 414 A Great Site Detailing his Involvement with Tiny Things With Two sets of Wings Which are alleged to be able carry a man aloft. See Here For a Further Report on what went on at the Service for Doug and what was reported about the Accident.

Margaret Parry Nee McClammy  Breast Cancer Survivor / Public Awareness Speaker, Marketing Guru out in the Intermountain Region of Wyoming. Has several Irons in the Fire.


Cowboys Against Cancer
Margaret Parry
PO Box 103
Green River, WY 82935

Of which she is listed as President and Founder

Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce, Wyoming

2001 Member Listing She had two Listing as shown above and below.

Rocksprings Chamber of Commerce Home of 56 Nationalities

    Margaret Parry is using her marketing expertise to open and operate BottomLine Marketing, Inc., her promotional products business. If you need promotional products for a large or small business or company, Margaret has just the right items for you. (307) 875-5375, mparry@sweetwater.net.

BottomLine Marketing, Inc.
Margaret Parry
1740 Texas Way
Green River, WY 82935
fax: 307-875-5375


Steven E. Burgauer   Steve has made a name for himself as a Science Fiction Author and ran for the US Senate in 2002 on the Libertarian Party Ticket in Illinois..

http://sargethepoet.com/lhs70alt/index.html   My Alternate Home Page In a separate folder, I Have our Year Book Covers Posted Here along with Back up Reunion information and a huge passel of interesting Link pages.

Sarge the Poet  My Personal Homepage Devoted to My Poetry, Politics, Patriotism and Useful Links. I Now have my own Domain Name.

http://home.comcast.net/~joseph_merrill/index.html  My New site On Comcast  Lots of space but is dependent on family keeping the Comcast as our TV and Broadband Provider.

Thomas H. Nicol's Home Page Complex  A Classmate From Highland in 1966 who contacted me via the Classmates system looking for leads to the time capsule at Highland School. The Capsule Hunt is Complete and we had a great time. Tom Is now the Highland Junior High School Class of 1966 President since the Local Newspapers say he is and Tom agrees and I say so also until someone else wants the Job Bad enough to make a fuss about what we have been up to. He Now has a Domain Name of His Own http://www.tnicol.net/ .

Judy Matthews Chmura   Howard Matthews Sister Judy has built a great Anishinaabeg (Chippewa Indian) Heritage Site.

Welcome To Z-Set  Sleep Educational Training Submitted By Dr. Jim Purdy

Submitted by Kathe Prayer for America  |  E-Mail Prayer

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