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Missing Classmates


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Last Name First & Middle Name Comments / Source  
Anderson Jane LHS 1967 YB  
Anderson Rhea Dawes Graduation List  
Babicz Lela LHS 1968 YB  
Baker Barbara LHS 1969 YB  
Baker Chuck LHS 1967 YB  
Ballard Pamela LHS 1968 YB  
Barnhorst Deanna LHS 1967 YB  
Barr Sharon LHS 1967 YB  
Becker Barbara LHS 1969 YB  
Beckman Kim LHS 1967 YB  
Beitzel Bob LHS 1967 YB  
Berg Linda LHS 1970 YB No Photo  
Blencoe Daniel John LHS 1970 YB No Photo Graduation List  
Blevins Bruce Edward 25th List Graduation List / We have an address but have had no response to mailings.  
Blue Linda LHS 1967 YB  
Bonn Winson Carolyn Ann 25th List Graduation List  
Boothman Elaine LHS 1967 YB  
Brindle Kurt LHS 1967 YB  
Brown Dean Forest 25th List LHS 1967 YB Graduation List  
Bulkley Chris 1965 Highland Piper to Junior year with us His Grandfather Fred Bulkley was Past Master Libertyville Lodge #492 AF&AM  
Burcham Barbara 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 YB  
Burke Mary LHS 1967 YB  
Burroughs Tim LHS 1969 YB  
Calanca Rena 1965 / 1966 Highland Piper  
Cameron Libby LHS 1969 YB  
Campbell Raymond Edward 25th List Graduation List Found Pending Response  
Chakeen Rory 25th List Not on Graduation List  
Charuhas Patrick 1965 / 1966 Highland Piper  
Cherry Stephen Bruce 25th List Graduation List  
Collins Allan LHS 1967 YB  
Conard David 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 / 1968 YB  
Conard Irene LHS 1968 YB / Sister To David ? Look Like Twins in Photos  
Cooper Jim 1965 Highland piper  
Corley Mark LHS 1968 YB  
Cremer David Grant LHS 1970 YB No Photo Graduation List  
Dedmon Betty 1965 Highland Piper  
Dellaca Michael Steven 25th List Graduation List  
DeVito Dominic 1965 / 1966 Highland Piper  
Dexter Jill LHS 1968 YB  
Donelli Mike LHS 1967 YB  
Ellman Linda Charolette 25th List Graduation List  
Ellsworth John 1965 Highland Piper  
Englert Steven Jordan 25th List Graduation List  
Evenson Edward Raymond LHS 1970 YB No Photo / Graduation List  
Fawcett Michael LHS 1970 YB No Photo  
Feltner Patti / Patty 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 YB  
Figved Rich LHS 1967 YB  
Fischer Matt LHS 1967 YB  
Foley James Michael 25th List Graduation List  
Frank Joan 1965 Highland piper  
Friedberg Kenneth Charles LHS 1970 YB No Photo / Graduation List  
Gahart Dennis LHS 1967 YB First Name Denny in 1966 YB Dennis Soph YB  
Gallagher Richard 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 YB  
Gamble Art 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 YB  
Gartin Jay LHS 1967 YB  
Gaul Glen 1965 Highland Piper  
Gauss Clifton Fredrick 25th List / Graduation List  
Gayner Brent LHS 1967 YB  
Gilman Susan Barnard 25th List Graduation List, Married name Floyd May have been Divorced With Additional Changes  
Graham Steve LHS 1967 YB  
Grange Dirk LHS 1968 YB  
Granryd Liz 1965 Highland Piper  
Granryd Liz 1966 Highland Piper  
Graves Dick LHS 1967 YB  
Hahn Dawn LHS 1967 YB  
Hale Terry LHS 1967 YB  
Hanlon Rosemary LHS 1967 YB  
Hanneman Glenn 25th List  
Hardyns Mike 25th List  
Hart Dave 25th List Found Pending Response  
Hathcock Patricia 1965 Highland Piper  
Hendricks John 25th List  
Hesler John 1965/1966 Highland Piper  
Hesler John LHS 1968 YB  
Horwood J. LHS 1968 YB  
Howrey Steven Lee 25th List  
Hubbard Catherine Louise 25th List Cathy  
Hutchins Jeff 1965 / 1966 Highland Piper  
Hutchinson Lynnis LHS 1968 YB  
Hyslop Chris / Christine 1965 / 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 YB  
Iverson Karen 1965 / 1966 Highland Piper  
Jackson Dennis LHS 1967 YB  
Jayco Brent David 25th List / Graduation List  
Jennings Elsie LHS 1967 YB  
Johnston Cathy LHS 1967 YB  
Johnston Jenny 1966 Highland Piper  
Jones Pat LHS 1967 YB Last Name Soph YB ? Jorda ?  
Jorda Patricia Ann Graduation Roster  
Kane Guy Kevin 25th List Graduation Roster  
Kapter Kenneth LHS 1968 YB Ken Also Used  
Karlin Thomas LHS 1968 YB  
Katzenmeier Wallin Gabriele 25th List  
Keehn Guy William 25th List Graduation Roster / In Grayslake Area We Have Partial Address and have sent a Packet to It.  
Kellog Mike LHS 1967 YB  
Kennedy James LHS 1970 YB No Photo  
Kenny David 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 YB May be in California Still  
Kick Larry LHS 1967 YB  
King Deane Bruce LHS 1970 YB No Photo  
Koconis Pamela 25th List Graduation Roster  
Labus Mary 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 YB  
Lasecki Roger 1965 1966 Highland Piper / Killed Mother and Sister it is reported that he is in area under new name  
Leinweber Joe LHS 1969 YB  
Leonard Jim 1966 Highland Piper  
Leonard Jim LHS 1967 YB  
Lieberman Jim LHS 1969 YB  
MacBeth Douglas 25th List In Grayslake area we have valid Phone #  
Magden Shelly 25th List  
Matthews Karen LHS 1967 YB  
Meeker Marlaine LHS 1967 YB Per 1967 YB Mardy First Name Used  
Miller Mary 25th List  
Mischker Nancy 25th List  
Murphy Dan LHS 1969 YB  
Nicholas Linda LHS 1970 No Photo  
Norman Fred 25th List  
Norris Sharon 1966 Highland Piper  
Norris Sharron LHS 1967 YB // Sherry and Sherri alternates ? Soph Jun Years  
Pack Patricia LHS 1967 YB  
Petersen Dave 25th List  
Peterson Jim Lhs 1969 YB We have a Dave Peterson Listed  
Petus Terry 25th List  
Pike Louis LHS 1968 YB  
Pope John 25th List  
Popovich Carol 25th List  
Powers Mike LHS 1967 YB  
Prate Pamela LHS 1968 YB  
Proctor Bob LHS 1968 YB  
Radke Peny LHS 1967 YB  
Raftery Kim 25th List  
Redman Jean LHS 1967 YB  
Rehm Dale 25th List  
Reinhardt Robert 25th List  
Renz Christopher 25th List  
Richie Lois LHS 1967 YB No Photo / Female ?  
Riedel Robin LHS 1968 YB Male In Photo I Smell a Rat.  
Riley Mike LHS 1968 YB  
Risik Albert 25th List  
Ritchie Lois 1966 Highland Piper  
Roberts John LHS 1967 YB  
Roberts Scott 1965 / 1966 Highland Piper  
Roberts Scott 1965 Highland Piper  
Rockwell Lee 1965 Highland Piper / LHS 1967 YB / Male  
Rockwell Lee 1966 Highland Piper  
Rowan Tom 25th List  
Russell Greg LHS 1969 YB  
Sailor Richard Kane 25th List / Graduation Roster  
Sanders Dora 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 YB  
Satterfield Bill 25th List  
Schilling William Otto 25th List / Graduation Roster Is he Out of Jail Yet  
Schroeder Becky LHS 1968 YB  
Schwalbe Pamela 1965 Highland Piper  
Shaer Alpan Barbara 1966 Highland Piper Husband Hasan 2 Kids Per Popovich Found Pending Response  
Shaffer Bob LHS 1967 YB  
Shaw Michael 25th List  
Shilts Dottie 1965 / 1966 Highland Piper / LHS 1967 YB Dotty also Seen  
Silvers Mary 1965/1966 Highland Piper  
Skepnek Bill 1965 1966 Highland Piper  
Skou Willard LHS 1967 YB ? Willam / Per Soph YB Bill Into Electronics Hung with Mike Whitmarsh / Merrill Et Al.  
Smeds Jamie 25th List  
Smith Debra 25th List  
Smith Linda 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 YB  
Snydam E. LHS 1968 YB Male Photo  
Spear William LHS 1968 YB  
Spencer Bob 1965 1966 Highland Piper  
Susan Szekly LHS 1967 YB Went By Sue per Freshman YB  
Szekely Susan 1966 Highland Piper  
Tatroe Cody Genel 25th List LHS 1971 May Have been Accelerated Graduate Married Gary Cody After Graduation  
Thomas Timothy 25th List  
Tobey Robert 25th List Found Pending Response  
Tyler Valerie LHS 1967 YB  
Umfleet Jerry 25th List  
Vess Leo 25th List / Photo With Class of 1971 in 1970 YB/ Sent packet to his Daughter  
Victory Bill LHS 1968 YB  
Vinciguerra Mark 1966 Highland Piper  
Ward David 1966 Highland Piper  
Weber Hegasysk Christine 25th List  
Wells Nancy 1966 Highland Piper  
Weulan R. LHS 1968 YB  
Wheeler Shawn LHS 1967 YB  
Whitmarsh Michael 25th List Western Illinois  
Whitten Jake LHS 1967 YB Also Used John Per Soph YB 1968  
Whitten Jake 1966 Highland Piper  
Wilson Myra LHS 1967 YB  
Wilson Sarah 1966 Highland Piper  
Wilson Schenk Sara 25th List  
Wilvert Karl 1965 Highland Piper  
Wilvert Karl 1966 Highland Piper  
Witt Linda LHS 1967 YB  
Wood Marjory 1965 Highland Piper  
Wright Tom LHS 1967 YB  
Young Manzar Barbara 25th List  
Young Sordelet Eleanor (Norrie) 25th List  
Zemke Rich LHS 1967 YB  
Zidek Debbie 1966 Highland Piper LHS 1967 YB  

That's the complete list as best I can assemble it. It is Very Much a work In Progress With what you see Here being a conversion of our Active Work sheet with all it's possible errors. I am Sorry if I have left anyone we have located on here or if we Have missed listing someone. Our sources have been our yearbooks from Seventh Grade on and the Graduation Handout From LHS. If anyone has the list From Our Eight Grade Graduation I would like a Photostat so I can Verify spellings and check for additional Names.

Some Of These Classmates we have some Idea where they are at with others we do not have a clue. The Comments /Source Block will give some idea of where I first found the name with the 25th List being the carry over Listing from the 25th Reunion. The rest are self explanatory.

Does anyone have any information at all on these People.

Any help at all in locating these people would be appreciated.

See the Main Page for my Mailing Address if you have hard copy to send Me.

Previous Edition of Missing List  This had to be updated item by item in HTML a slow painful process.

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