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7, July 2003


Gloria lost her fight with cancer, details when received. Called Home a Memorial Poem.

Gloria Jean Feltner Hill passed away on Monday July 7th at home. She is survived by her husband Rick Hill of Viper, Kentucky, 2 sons Scott Allen Hill of Kenosha Wisconsin, Jeremy J. Hill of Viper, Kentucky. Her Father Lacy Feltner of Viper, Kentucky, 1 Brother Charles Feltner of Viper, Kentucky, 3 Sisters Trish Busse of Rockford, Illinois Tammy Neverez and Pam Aldana both of Viper, Kentucky. 2 Granchildren Jesse Allen Hill and Laci Ann Hill both of Kenosha Wisconsin. Steve Haddix will be the pastor at her funeral and it is at Engle-Walker Funeral Home in Hazard, Kentucky on July 10th. She will be laid to rest in the Feltner Family Cemetery on July 10th.





21, Sep 2002 


The Latest news I have is that the Church has been rebuilt and dedicated as of Easter 2002. Gloria is still at serious risk and is undergoing repetitive Chemo and Radiation Treatments for Cancer. Our Prayers are with You Gloria.

Original Note:

Gloria has the Following Sad News to report.  On Thursday the 4th Of January 2001 the Jeff Missionary Baptist Church, of which she is the Secretary,  was destroyed by Fire.  The recently renovated 1951 vintage Church was a complete loss.  Cause of the Fire has not been determined as of  the information cutoff date of 19, Jan 2001.  They will get an insurance settlement to help rebuild the Church and replace the new sound system which was lost.  They are getting donations of space from other area churches to hold services in and the congregation is coming together to forward the rebuilding of the church and a reinvigoration of the focus on the Basic missionary nature of the Parish.

14, Jan 2002

Gloria is fighting lung cancer with both Chemo Therapy and Radiation Treatments but was able to report that the church is being rebuilt. The roof is up and the work rate, if the weather holds, should allow dedication services for the new church on Easter 2002. WYMT-TV has done some filming at the new church and may have additional coverage of the dedication. The only thing salvaged from the original church was the Church's Bell which will be hung in the new Church.

Gloria sent a packet of information up about the fire
and the Church's History.

The Following Are Key Information Extracts and Links to information I have posted along with other Useful  information on the Web.


Church Address:

Jeff Missionary Baptist Church
PO BOX 189
Jeff KY 41751-0234

Pastor: Steven Haddix

Church Motto:

"When you are in God's House you are not a Visitor but an Honored Guest."


Donations To Rebuilding Fund are Accepted

Please Make the Checks out to

Jeff Missionary Baptist Church

Mail them to

Jeff Missionary Baptist Church
PO BOX 189
Jeff KY 41751-0234

If You have Other Material or Labor to Donate  Please Contact:

Pastor:  Steven Haddix
Building Chairman:  Leroy Dobson
Church Secretary:  Gloria Feltner Hill old e-mail address

At the Above address or by e-mail

News Postings
From Packet or Found on the Web: Newest to Oldest

Aug 2001 Note

Article sent with 14, Jan 2002 note. Photo copy was too faint to scan so I transcribed it. Typos and misspellings included.

19, Dec 2001 Wednesday

The Hazard Herald

Jeff Missionary Baptist Church Rebuilds By Paul Taulbee Associate Editor

New Jeff   Missionary Baptist Church is Under Construction.

On Thursday Jan 4th 2001 the Jeff Missionary Baptist Church burned in a Fire. The Building and it's contents were a complete lost. The only item saved was the church bell that will be hung in the new church when it is completed.

The contractor, Cleatas Moore said, "If the weather cooperates we are confident that we can have this job completed before the end of March."

Lyda Combs, church treasurer and a long time member, said that is was the hope of the congregation to hold the dedication service for the new building on Easter Sunday 2002.

The Jeff Missionary Baptist Church has been holding services at the Grace Missionary Baptist Church located nest to the Glowmar Bridge at 2:00 pm and prayer meeting 7:00 pm Thursday.

Many churches and individuals have offered to assist Jeff Missionary Church with construction of the new building by making a cash donation. Mrs Combs said. "We at Jeff Missionary Baptist Church appreciate generosity and christian love that has been shown us since our loss."

Donations may be sent to
Jeff Missionary Baptist Church
PO BOX 189
Jeff, Kentucky 41751-0234

End article


From Gloria a Personal Note 2, April 2001 to Our Hotmail account at

   Hi Joe,

Sorry I haven't updated you in such a while.  Boy this building stuff is a heck of a lot of work.  We have been in the first stage of permit work for a special permit where our church lies next to the Ky. River we had to get special surveys and special permit but that is done along with tearing down the building and filling in the lot.  Our next step is design which we hope to get completed in the next couple of weeks, then back to permit work and another type of survey, then for our actual building permit.   We hope to start building in May sometime.  That is our goal anyway.  I never realized there was so much involved in building.  Of course I am not a contractor but just a business & office worker.  Along with all this I had to prepare to teach an American Cancer Society class which was Saturday along with work on our breast cancer support group and our ACS Relay for Life team.  Spring is always a busy time for me.  Don't think I have deserted you or the class.  I am keeping up with my updates on the class that is posted.  I haven't been on the computer much lately due to all this stuff but hopefully I will be able to keep you posted more in the future.  Everything will slow down a little hopefully in June.  Thanks for all you are doing with the class and all you have done for me & the church.  Have to run.  It's bill paying time now.  Will check back later on.



From Gloria and Printed in the 24, Jan 2001 Hazard's Perry County News

Jeff Missionary Baptist Church Update

January 24, 2001 - On January 4, Jeff Missionary Baptist Church was totally destroyed by fire. We wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who have already supported us in donations of money or supplies and all the prayers that have been said for us as we strive to continue in our work for the Lord and Our Savior Jesus.

We also would like to thank all the churches who have offered us the use of their church for our services. At the present time we are holding services at Grace Missionary Baptist Church at Glowmawr on Sunday at 2 p.m. and prayer meeting alternating on Tuesdays and Thursday at 6 p.m. If you would like to join us in service please do. Out motto at Jeff Missionary Baptist Church has always been "When you are in God's house you are not a visitor but an honored guest."

If you would like to donate money to our building fund please make all checks payable to Jeff Missionary Baptist Church and mail to P.O. Box 189 Jeff, Ky. 41751. If you would like to donate any other material please contact pastor Steven Haddix or Leroy Dobson, building chairman, or any church member. All donations and all your prayers toward our rebuilding will be greatly appreciated.
End Update

Hazard's Perry County News 10, Jan 2001

Jeff Missionary Baptist burns

Photo by Shirley Slaven of  Hazard's Perry County News Staff

By Shirley Slaven

January 10, 2001 - Shortly after 1 p.m. on Thursday, January 4, the Viper Fire department received a call reporting a fire at the Jeff Missionary Baptist Church. By the time the Viper, Vicco, Cornettsville Volunteer, and Hazard fire departments arrived, the church was completely engulfed in flames.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined; however, church members said Wednesday night services had to be cut short because the furnace was not working properly. The church sanctuary had recently been remodeled and a new sound system had been installed.

Jeff Missionary Baptist held monthly singing where gospel soloist and groups from throughout the area would gather, taking their time on stage celebrating Jesus Christ through song. Afterward, the singers and those attending were invited downstairs for a pot luck dinner provided by the church members.

Steven Haddix, pastor of the church, said services were held Sunday at First Creek Baptist Church at Bonnyman where Pete McGee is pastor. He said the congregation might be utilizing the Lothair Baptist Church building. "That location would be a little closer for our members," Rev. Haddix said. "We're going to meet with Pastor John Morris Tuesday night, so nothing has really been decided yet."

Rev. Haddix went on to say that he and the members were not going to lag around; they want to start rebuilding as soon as possible. They will have a business meeting this week and will talk to their insurance agent.

Haddix said that during the time they must use another facility, their Sunday school and church services will be held on Sundays at 2 p.m. and prayer meeting will either be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays. "This way we won't be interfering with anyone else's service times," Haddix said.

Rev. Haddix said that, although he was saddened by the fire, he has been humbled. "This fire has shown me the body of Christ at work," said Haddix. "So many people from different denominations have come to me offering to help. When we had church Sunday at First Creek, I felt like it was a revival service. My faith is strong enough that I know how sweet the victory is going to be."

Jeff Missionary Baptist Church celebrated their 53rd Homecoming in October. Next year's homecoming should be an equally big and joyous event.

The members who will surely be crying tears of  joy will also be remembering the tears of sadness they cried that cold January 4 day as they watched their place of worship go up in flames without even a hymnal being recovered.
End Story


Hazard Herald 10, Jan 2001 Front Page


Photo by Paul David Taulbee of the Hazard Herald
Published 10, Jan 2001 Lead Article Front Page


Jeff Missionary Baptist Church went up in flames Thursday. The fire began around 1:30, An investigation is underway. The interior was completely destroyed. The church which was recently renovated, lost a state-of-the-art electronic sound system. Pastor Steve Haddix said that the church was insured and the congregation will begin rebuilding in the near future in the same location. The Viper Volunteer Fire Department, assisted by other departments, pumped water onto the structure well into the afternoon.  At 3:30, when the photo was taken, the building was still smoking. The Viper Fire Department returned Thursday night to spray more water on the smoldering debris when the materials began to flare up.

End caption

Other Information on the Fire and Personal notes to me referencing it also were received both by e-mail and hard copy. This Message traffic continues as Gloria, Steven Haddix and the Congregation Sort things out and make plans for the Future.


29, Jan 2001

Talked to Gloria long distance and we traded several e-mails.  She will put together a needed items list.  I will post it as a separate page with contact info on it for easy forwarding.  The biggest loss was in memories, those on film and in the craft items in everyday use in the Chapel. Hymnals were also a Major loss item.  Added a new link to a Close Up Aerial Shot of Jeff.  All Three Poems I Wrote for the Congregation are Posted for Use in Fund Raising and Relief Efforts. (See Links Further down the Page.)

Perry County Locator Map


http://www.perrycountynews.net  | Jeff KY Close Up  | Jeff KY Overview

Map look right and down from Hazard KY for Jeff



Painful Lesson  |  The Gathering   |   The Raising


These are Three Poems I have written dedicated to the Congregation in their time of need. They are linked together with return Links.  They may be used in any fund raising or relief efforts for the Jeff Missionary Baptist Church all Other Rights Reserved.

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