Of Shrouds And Shields
Battle Over
To The Tribe Return
Shadow Of Warrior Past
On Leaf Mat
Face Hidden By His Cloak
For His Mystery Trip
Where We Dread Travel
Bronze Helm Shattered
To His Shield And Broken Spears
We Lash Our Fallen Champion,
Red Cloak Tender We Lay
On His Crumbled Form,
Lamentation, Feasting, Games,
Honor Standard Set So High
The Gods Bow To Hear The Paean
Shredded Blue And Butternut
Mingle In The Blasted Rock
Retching Detail Tender Lay
In Gray Wool
Each Shattered One
As Faint Bugles Sound
Calling Friends To Further Toil
Howling Storm Is Silent
As Stretcher Bearers Crawl Forth
Past The Blasted Wire
Struggle To Heave
Pulp And Bone Home
Away From This Reeking,
Churned Pit Of Hell
Snap, Crash, Medic!!
Futile Struggle, Move On.
Clinging Rubber Wrapped
Stacked Like Smashed Logs
They Wait Their Turn
For Whirling Ride
Back To The World
Where Stunned Families Wait
Howling Boom
Inferno On High
Billowing Flames, Dust Chokes
Then Thunder Of Oblivion
Faces Stare From Pictures
Held High For Hours
No Shroud, No Shield
To Comfort Those Left To Grieve



Copyright   2003 Joseph A. Merrill III

All Rights Reserved

Sarge the Poet

Written 11, September 2003

Lest We Forget

9-11 Remembrance

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