Stone Faces


They Worked the Pile


The Weeks, Months


Before It Became Ground Zero


They Toiled Amid the Choking Smoke


Within the Gray Shroud


They Did the Unspeakable


Until All Emotion Was Gone


Then They Did It Again and Again


Until All That Was Left


Was A Gaping Hole


Where Their Souls Were Almost Lost


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All Rights Reserved
Sarge the Poet


For the First Responders

11, September 2001

May They Find Peace

In This Life and After


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A Poem Cycle By Sarge the Poet


"Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the Dogs of War"

Written Late Winter 2001

To The Corps Of Astronauts 
Our Little Noticed Heroes


Facing The Far Frontier

9 / 11

Forget Hell


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