And How To Deal With It

A Few Thoughts on This Pressing Issue


Item One: A Set of Definitions with which to Work.

Terrorism: Creating Social Paralysis by Killing People Randomly.

Terrorist: One Who Uses Terrorism to Achieve Social, Religious, Political or Personal Goals.

Good Guys and associates: All others no matter how distasteful to our senses. Not to say said associates of good guys may not also be felons (i.e.. Bad Guys) before the law, they just are not terrorists.

Item Two: A set of principles to work within.

Means of Combating Terrorism:  Anything which is not in and of itself terrorism.

Why Because Terrorists desire the complete destruction of all established order. Therefore the only way to be free from their pernicious assaults is to destroy them utterly by whatever means may be put to hand without Destroying the Basis of that Order.

Methodology of dealing with terrorists:  Wherever possible study with forensic detachment, trace out every possible lead then destroy with utter ruthlessness.  Defend thyself and ones country with all possible dispatch and attention to Detail.  Encourage others to do the same lest you turn on them as material aids to terrorism and Anathemas to decent Civilization.

Prayers may be a useful adjunct to Military Action, to what divinity is immaterial so long as it is focused.  To See Why Prayers May be effective visit A or B or both.

Item Three: A Possible Method to deal with a small part of the current problem.

An open letter to the Barons of Commerce and Industry Worldwide.


Joseph A. Merrill III of Counsel
P.O. BOX 186

11, Nov 2001


To: Our Threat Reduction Partners.


For Our Commercial Partners consideration

After Due Deliberation and Consideration of The Recent Warlike Outrages Perpetrated by Person or Persons Both Known and Unknown against the very heart of our commercial enterprises it is time swift and proper action be taken to eliminate the threat as best we can ascertain it. The Names Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda and Taliban have been floated as the enablers of these foul deeds. It has been postulated that they are operating in the tribal territories of the Northwest Frontier, loosely Identified as Afghanistan and the Phustan Tribal Zone of Pakistan.

The solution proposed is both direct and simple.
1. Offer to buy for a specified weight in Gold Bullion biological samples consisting of the head and upper neck of all, Professed or Identifiable as such, Members of al Qaeda and Taliban.

2. Air Drop Collection Kits consisting of twelve Sample Return Bags, Biological Evidence, With Closure, twelve Prepaid Shipping Certificates Islamabad to Washington DC, One Razor Sharp Camp Axe with Sharpening Kit, One Pound Troy Wt. of Bullion Silver, One instruction Pamphlet in all local languages and cartoon form.

3. Airdrop 5,000 said Collection Kits and 2,000,000 information leaflets describing said collection effort throughout the aforementioned tribal areas.


Joseph A. Merrill III


You May add Yemen, Iraq, Iran Etc to the List of Drop Zones

Sarge the Poet

A Few Items of Current Interest to Keep Our Spirits Up.

One: "Passing the Flag" t-shirts.
http://www.geocities.com/streaknews/flag.html High School Fund Raiser

Two: 9-11 ID Bracelets
http://www.mercyband.org/ Never Forget

Three: Bioterrorism Updates.
http://www.bt.cdc.gov/ The Straight Government Skinny

Four: a recommended news source

Five: Recommended Columnist
http://opinionjournal.com/columnists/pnoonan Great Insightful Writing

Six: Recommend News Letters
http://www.dailyreckoning.com/GetReality.cpm Gary North

http://www.sftt.org/ Soldiers for the Truth Foundation

http://www.federalist.com/ The Good Guys from Tennesee

http://www.BringMeNews.com/ More News feed

http://www.hackworth.com Col. David Hackworth one worth listening To.

Seven: Some Ways to Help

http://www.sgaus.org State Guard Association only half the states have them all need them now in our time of trial.

http://www.capnhq.gov The Civil Air Patrol pulling twice it's weight since 1941.

Information Regarding September 11 Incidents
The FBI has established a toll-free telephone number for anyone with information regarding the incidents on September 11 in New York City and the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Please call 1-866-483-5137 with any information. A form has also been placed on the Internet at http://www.ifccfbi.gov to report information. That Same Page can be used to report any form of Internet Fraud.

Sites to Visit and Pray with

America Attacked 9 1 1

A Web Memorial with 6.54 MB Shock Wave Presentation Attached
With a little skill you can copy the web page and download the file to the internet temp folder then place a copy of the file from there into the same folder as the html file not in it's graphic holding folder. Then you can play it for friends. Send me an e-mail if you have trouble with the procedure I will try to help. As of 20, Sep 2002 Flash feature not working

Prayer For America

Information and Fun

Great Memorial Graphics and Revenge Minded Ones Too.

 The New York City Fire Department

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