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John Paul Stapp

G-Loads, Wind Blast, Pure Speed One of the Originators of the Crash Test Dummy, Fastest man on Land, Volunteer Human Guinea Pig, Major Person behind Seat Belt Development. Test Photo and Best article on Stapp and Test runs. by  Nick T. Spark Nick T. Spark's Site on Regulus Missiles. USAF Page on Stapp 1959 Fact sheet by USAF on Stapp

Col. David G. Simons
Balloon Master, Project Man High
Pain Specialist Short with good links to pages such as. Definitive History and
Tribute Photo Set From 50th Anniversary Celebration
About Man High a Complex website of Stories and Photos  documenting the High Altitude Balloon Flights Fifty Years Ago as of 2007 Bio Cover sheet NASA History Office History of Research in Space Biology and Biodynamics Definitive write-up NASA History Office by a Doctor who Followed in Dr Simmons Footsteps in the Study of Pain. A Few Noted Authors in Photographs, Statues, sketches Worth a look. The True Pioneers

"Jumping Joe"
Joseph William Kittinger II

Balloon Master, High Jumper, Combat Pilot 3 Tours Nam, POW Hanoi Hilton 11 Months The Big First Step 102,800 Ft Straight Down. Project Excelsior. Many Links

About the Project. Some Good Photos. Excelsior Gondola Replica at AF Museum. The Bio. for Jumping Joe
A good bio on "Jumping Joe" US Centennial of Flight Commission Home Page

NAHF Joseph Kittinger Jr National Aviation Hall of Fame page on Joe.
Too long a web address for comfort so double the links. National Aviation Hall of Fame
Short form should work to hit their home page it scrolls out a web address two screens wide when it loads. Inductee Lists below.

Eras  Early Years | WWI | Golden Age | WWII | Jet Age | Space Age Current High Altitude Balloon Events plus some history. US Balloon Launch Sites List. Unsung Heroes Eyes in the Sky.

Charles Elwood "Chuck" Yeager

Fighter Pilot ETO WWII, POW, Test Pilot, First to Fly Faster than the speed of Sound For the Record on the Level, Others May have done by Accident or in Vertical Dives  WWII Experience His Record Flights Massive Wiki Page about Brigadier General  Yeager His Own Website One Page NASA Blurb

NAHF Charles "Chuck" Yeager Fan Website with some good Tidbits of info it has format and link problems to some of the Pictures otherwise a good site.

Albert Scott Crossfield

Naval Aviator, Flight Instructor, Test Pilot, First Man to Fly Faster than Mach 2, Chief Engineering Test Pilot for North American Aviation's X-15 Project, Helped Design the Apollo Command and Service Modules, In his Own Words "I am an aeronautical engineer, an aerodynamicist and a designer. Scott was Killed in a Single Plane crash  19, April 2006 See link for details. Complete Bio Obituary National Transportation Safety Board Press release listings Scott Crossfield's accident listed on 27, Sept 2007 Basic Summery Page Full Report Scott Crossfield Foundation "encouraging further achievements in aerospace education" carrying the Dream of Flight to the next Generation Rocket Aircraft used in First Mach 2 test Flights

"FASTEST MAN ALIVE" RECALLS 50th ANNIVERSARY OF HISTORIC FLIGHT Photo link page Main photo gallery page well worth many visits as it is the Official source for NASA Flight Test Photos

"This collection contains digitized photos of many of the unique research aircraft flown at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards, California. These images date from the 1940s to the present. No copyright protection is asserted for these photographs. See Using NASA Imagery and Linking to NASA Web Sites for more information. Multiple resolutions are available. All are 24-bit color JPEGs. The FAQ will answer some frequently asked questions." X-15 Project History  NASA Mach 3 plus Research Rocket Plane NASA Photo Set

NAHF A. Scott Crossfield Record setter /Test Pilot Vast improvements in Aviation Safety Due to Scott's Efforts. The Safety Page from the International Aviation Safety Association. the International Aviation Safety Association.

Speech to International Society of Air Safety Investigators

"Downward Pressure on the Accident Rate"
Nicholas A. Sabatini, Herndon, VA
May 12, 2006  Scott is mentioned in 6th from last paragraph with an explanation of why the build them, fly them find out what you did wrong philosophy is no longer good enough Federal Aviation Administration Official Dryden Obit for Scott. More Useful sites March 21, 2001 Profile and Interview by Joe Godfrey of Scott Crossfield see box below excerpted and Modified from interview page.

I have always tried to encourage students to go into engineering, because the progress of civilization is based on our engineering work, from Roman aqueducts to roadways to washing machines.

Washington, Jefferson and Franklin were engineers, and they designed the country using the engineering method.

  • Concept = Freedom

  • Criteria = Declaration of Independence

  • Requirements = The Constitution

  • Performance Specifications = The Law of the Land

  • Detailed Specifications = The Legal Code

  • Operations and Manufacturing = The Administration

  • Quality Control = The Justice Department

Scott Crossfield on how the founding fathers used the engineering method to design the United States The Society of Experimental Test Pilots Internet Movie Data Base listing for Scott. He did 2 Pieces "Test Pilots" in 1989 on VHS and "Spaceflight" in 1985 for TV. Current Availability unknown. Bio and List of Flights Encyclopedia Astronautica

25,498 pages - 9,398 images and growing. First to Fly Three times the speed of sound. First Flight Society Arlington National Cemetery Tribute Site page on Scott details of crash and disposition of aircraft. Arlington National Cemetery Tribute Site A Private Effort Well Worth the Look With Beautiful Pictures and Poetry. American Astronauts buried at Arlington National Cemetery X-15 accidents listed Which  Scott survived. Current Listing of books Scott helped write.


Iven Carl Kincheloe, Jr. Test Pilot, F-86 Ace Korean War, Pilot in Bell X-2 Project, First to Fly above 100,000 Ft., Selected for Astronaut Training, Killed in F-104A Crash Tribute page,_Jr. Good Page General History very good. Jean "Skip" Ziegler Killed in Captive Flight test of X-2 Milburn G. Apt Killed in Mach 3 Test Flight of Bell X-2 Achieved Mach 3 in a dive.

Cause of Aircraft loss Inertia coupling A Set of pages which Describe Chuck Yeager's near Fatal Flight in the X-1A1 where Inertial Coupling Reared it's Ugly head. Full Flight transcript on Pages. Bell X-2 Starbuster Fact sheet. NASA Dryden American X-Vehicles an Inventory X-1 to X-50 Centennial of Flight Edition. A 65 page PDF document. Another PDF Korean War Color Photos 9 pages. Photo Iven on page 5 with his squadron mates.

The 6555th Aerospace Test Wing
Missile and Space Launches Through 1970

by Mark C. Cleary

Click on shield

Federation of American Scientists
Useful but sometimes out of date
Source of information

John Herschel Glenn Jr.,
"Magnet Ass"

WW II Marine Transport and Fighter Pilot 59 Combat Missions in F4U Corsairs, Flight Instructor, 63 combat Missions in Korea Flying F9F Panthers, Second tour 27 Missions In F86 Sabers  with USAF Getting 3 MiG-15 Kills in Last 9 days before the Cease Fire, Test Pilot NAS Pax River Testing Weapons at various altitudes, First Mach 1+ Supersonic Transcontinental Flight in a Vought F8U1 Crusader as part of Project Bullet, Selected For Astronaut Training by NASA as part of project Mercury, 3rd Us Astronaut to fly in space First US Astronaut to Orbit the Earth, US Senator, Oldest US Citizen to Fly in Space at 77 on the STS-95 flight by Space Shuttle Discovery Very Good Starter Page. Part of the The John and Annie Glenn Museum Foundation Pages Facts Updated each May. Project Bullet Brief Report Vought F8U-1P (RF-8A) Crusader Brief History More flight details Manufacturers site  and Current Vought Company Resources online. John Glenn Archives NASA Biography for John H. Glenn Aircraft, Weapons etc of Note. Take a Week to check all the Links out. Take another week to check out the official history. Mercury 7 Archives at NASA Additional Source on flights.

NAHF John H. Glenn Jr. National aviation Hall of Fame Bio Combat record

Aircraft Glenn Flew Pax River NAS Pax River NAS Combat Combat Combat NASA Mission History for Project Mercury 40th anniversary of Astronaut selection for Project Mercury NASA Mission Index Past, current and Future Flights Patuxent River NAS Website Home of Naval Air Systems Command the Fact sheets list current issued systems. Base History Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division


Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun ( Wernher von Braun)

German Rocket Engineer, Visionary Pioneer, Hardware Man, Father of Saturn V Moon Rockets Good Bio.  The Big Bird Image set Apollo 11 Moon Landing Flight. NASA Apollo Moon Flight Photo Archive huge archive of all mission including untitled Hasselblad Camera photos taken during the flights.


Neil Alden Armstrong

Naval Aviator Korean War Flying F9F Panthers, NACA Test Pilot logging over 900 test Flights, BS aeronautical engineering from Purdue University and a Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from USC, Pilot Consultant on the X-20 Dyna-Soar Project, X-15 Pilot, Project Gemini Astronaut, Project Apollo Astronaut, First Human To set Foot on the Moon. Deputy Associate Administrator for aeronautics for DARPA 18 Months, University Professor of Aerospace Engineering at University of Cincinnati for 8 years. Bio Project Details Backup crew A Wild Ride Crew Trainer and CAPCOM for Mission High Danger and Serious Practice for Moon landing A Test Pilot Punching Out of a LLTV Variant of the Device Surviving Machine The Real Deal: First Steps on the Moon. The Public Reaction. Apollo Lunar Surface Journal By Those who Flew the Missions with Massive backup of Archive material including Crew Training Manuals. Neil spent 18 months here. DARPA Home Page  where he taught for eight years Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum


Buzz Aldrin

USAF Jet Jockey 66 Combat Mission in Korea 2 MiG Kills, Graduate of the US Military Academy West Point NY, Aerial Gunnery Instructor Nellis Air Force base, Assistant to The dean at the Air Force Academy, PhD in Astronautics from MIT with a thesis entitled Line-of-sight guidance techniques for manned orbital rendezvous Read only PDF Download successful page 69 of paper is missing from archive copy Contained formulas from an outside source listed in text an some commentary on it. How to find and rendezvous with an orbiting body.

He Returned to the Air force with assignments to the Gemini Target Office of the Air Force Space Systems Division in Los Angeles Followed by Test Pilot School at Edwards AF Base.

He was Selected in the Third Class of Astronauts in Oct 1963 and was back up on Gemini 9A helping the Crew successfully complete it's mission with revised orbital calculations.

Gemini 12 Pilot with Massive new training methods for a successful EVA Program on that Mission. Methods he Pioneered are still in use today.

Second Human to Step on the Moon/ Basic Info and History Academy Website Back-up Pilot Lunar Module Pilot


Michael Collins (astronaut)

Fighter Pilot, Test pilot,

Command Module Pilot Apollo 11 The First Moon landing, He stayed in Orbit Around the Moon Alone During the Landing Period. Pilot Cervical Disk Surgery removed from flight Command Module Pilot





Locations And Organizations

White Sands Missile Range

(Originally White sands Proving Ground) Official Site Short Page Old page With Visitor briefing for tourists Official Site History White Sands Missile Range Museum Pages

Side Note the First atomic Bomb was tested at the Trinity Site half way up the east edge of the range fan.

Cape Canaveral General History with Launch Site coordinates and rough listing of launches. Pre space, Early Launches, Later Launches and future plans in three sections. Land History USAF side of Base NASA operational area.,_Florida City Information. Take a Tour. Visitor Homepage for NASA Kennedy Space Center. NASA History site. Main NASA Home Page Large Detailed Page.


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Name Order is as They Catch My Eye While Surfing
Pilots with Five Confirmed Air To Air Kills

Ejection Seats
Escape Systems A Good General History. Project Get out and Walk. Another good History Site. Description of Operation and A Risk Assessment List SAFE Association Web Page with Individual system Details. Safe Association.

About SAFE

Original Name: Space and Flight Equipment Association - 1956
Name Changed to: Survival and Flight Equipment Association - Dec 1969
Name Changed to: SAFE Association - Nov 1976  Martin Baker Aircraft Ltd. 7000 Successful use of a Martin Baker Ejection Seat. Ejection Seat Maker Since WW II. Overview of Company. Russian Designer and Maker of K-36DM Ejection Seat System One of the Best Ejection Seats currently in Service. What is the Caterpillar Club? the Caterpillar Club Eject Eject Site a Fantastic source of information For those in Charge of Displays at Museums, Collectors of Aircraft System, people with a serious need to know what has already been tried before. Ongoing discussion.
Defense Technical Information Center Abstract. Defense Technical Information Center Main Page. For those with Clearances in Order and a Certified Need to Know. M2-F1 Lifting Body Ejection Seat development. NASA Dryden Flight Research Center. NASA Dryden Flight Research Center. Main Page. A Pair of Martin Baker MK-H7  USAF Ejection Seats Both from the Aft Position in F4-G's owned by a Private Collector. Aviation and Train Buff Paradise Tons of Photos.




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