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No Fuss, No Time, No Money
Help For Chicago Authors



Chicago Writers Help Page


George F. Dvorak

Dvorak And Traub
53 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, Il 60604

Patent, Trademark, Copyright Law



U.S. Copyright Office


Professionals Having Fun Writing What They Love To Read

Another Attorney Available
For Intellectual Property Issues

Phone, In person or By Mail No E-mail address Yet

Have Something to say to the World,
Quickly Gather your Thoughts and Get Something, Anything on Paper, Then Scream for Help, the Community of Writers is vast, the ranks of published Authors is growing. If the ideas are there in Your Tiny Underused Brain and are useful to others there is hope of getting Published. But First You The Aspiring Wannabes have to put Pen To Paper or Fingers to Keyboard and get something down others can review and critique. From that all is Possible, without that Creative Effort all the Advice in the World will be for

No Guts, No Glory
No Pain, No Gain
No Pen To Paper
Fingers To Keys
No Recognition
No Possible Income
From This Alleged Love Of Writing

Wannabes are a Dime of Dozen
Polished Published Authors Few
Commercial Marketable Properties
Even Rarer


So Write For the Sheer Joy Of It
Write What Gives You Pleasure,
Releases The Inner Demons,
Share Your Inner Being!
Something To Give To Family, Friends,
People on The Street
 The World


Then Peruse My offerings and Those I link to and Join in the Game of Getting Published.
Being Known as Worthwhile Authors
Whose Books are Desirable Items to be
Bought, Read and Talked About to Others
That Is Where the Real Action Is
Word of Mouth
Person To Person
Like Wildfire Loose in the Forest
That's What Sells Millions
Not Just the Dribble
Most Books Sell

Join Us

Chicago Based Bootstrap Group Authors Helping Authors

Let the World
Hear Your Voice





We're Waiting









Is That A Pen I Hear Scratching Faintly In the Night?



Additional Information of Interest

LA Times Article
Don't Sever a High-Tech Lifeline for Musicians
By Janis Ian
Registration may be required to read



By Janis Ian
Songwriter Singer

Now Offering Free MP3 Downloads at


FALLOUT - a follow up to The Internet Debacle

See Also

Baen Books

As Referred to By Janis In her Articles
For their Online Free Publishing
of Notable Works both New and Old.

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

Leads to Future Sales.


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